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Back to work was... okay.
I want more vacation, though.
I miss being a student and having weeks off and getting to sleep in as late as I want even when I'm in school and working to my own schedule and doing interesting work, and _reading_ for a living.
I do like being financially secure, though.

In other news... I have decided that I am going to spend my Christmas money (from my grandparents) on proper curtains. The whole sheets-in-the-window thing is getting old. I'm going to paint the apartment in the spring, too. No more builder's beige for me! I haven't picked colours yet, but I'm thinking about either burgandy or dark green for the bedroom, and something taupey for the rest of the house. Maybe. My stuff is mostly blue, and various kinds of wood (blond wood in the living room, darker in the bedroom) -- any colour suggestions/comments?

Back to the gym today -- good for me. ;) I ate so much over the holidays. It was so bad for me. I have once again realized that I have no self-control whatsoever when it comes to sweets. This is why they're not allowed in my house at all. The gym was nice. I feel better for having gone, though I'm pretty wiped now.

I think that I want to curl up with a book now. Good night all.
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