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Well, what can I say? Travel is wonderful, although there are some advantages to being at home again. Like starfishing on my very own Queen-sized bed. Or being smothered by my cats (who are fine, but alternately very happy to see me and very annoyed at me for going away in the first place). Or taking a bath.

The trip was wonderful. I don't even know where to begin in summarizing it, we did so much. You can always check out fairplaythings' journal; he's posting most of the contents of his travel diary there. He's only up to day four, though, so you may have to wait a while...

My favourite cities were Rome and Munich. (I am half-tempted to move to Munich -- it's gorgeous. Clean and pretty and friendly. The only downside would be that I'd have to learn German. Which seemed like a bigger problem before I went to Denmark and tried to decipher Danish. German is a breeze by comparison.) We were in Rome the day the Pope died, which was quite an experience in and of itself. Even though we stayed away from Vatican City after that, there was something in the air...

I gained a new appreciation for Venice. It hadn't been high on my list of places to go back to, because it's just so touristy, but once I actually got there, it sort of won me over. It's got a seductive sort of charm, that city.

If you ever go to Florence, and want to go to any museums (especially the Uffizzi -- which, incidentally, is amazing and well worth it), I highly reccommend buying a reservation well ahead of time. Yes, a reservation to get into a museum. Trust me on this one.

I already gushed about Munich, so I won't go into it again. I love that city.

Berlin -- while something of a let down after Munich -- is a very interesting place. I didn't feel quite at home there... and I had the very strong feeling that it will be a different city every time I go back. It still seems to be evolving, trying to figure itself out.

Copenhagen is really a very pretty and pleasant city. We stayed with a friend of fairplaythings' there, so it was also something of a break. Denmark in general is really quite a nice place. Incomprehensible language, though. ;)

Our stopover on the way back was three days in Amsterdam. I was actually kind of disappointed by Amsterdam -- I wanted to like it so much, but I just couldn't. Partly this was because we were there during the year's biggest holiday, so we got the "party" side of things rather more than we would have otherwise. Our hostel was also quite near the red-light district, where the tourists go to be idiots (oo, that was judgemental of me...!), so I don't think we saw the best of the city as much as I would have liked. When it comes to Amsterdam, I think my verdict is simply this: it would be a great place, if it weren't for the tourists. Sigh.

So there's the Reader's Digest version of my travels. I may put up some pictures and stories as I get them sorted out -- we shall see.

Now then -- what have you all been up to?

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