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Greetings from Roma

Well, here I am. We arrived in Rome yesterday morning (local time), after a long and exhausting journey. Neither of us got much sleep on the plane... it's hard to sleep when it only feels like 7pm, even when you KNOW you should be treating it as 2 in the morning. Yesterday was actually a bit challenging, finding a place to stay (moral of story: BOOK AHEAD), but we finally ended up at a decent youth hostel in the north of the city. Separate male and female dorms, which is a little unfortunate for a man and woman traveling together, but otherwise entirely reasonable.

Today we went to the Vatican (figuring if we were going to see it, better to do so before the crowds start assembling to mourn the pope), and are now in downtown Rome (near Trevi fountain), planning to explore a bit and maybe get to the Colosseum. We're having a lovely time. I just can't get over actually being here. I love just looking at the buildings... the ancient architecture with all the very modern trappings. It's quite striking. So much to see. It would take a lifetime to see it all.

Having a great time, wish you were here and all that. ;)

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