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Whew. First chance I've had to update this since I've been here. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas/Solstice/Yule/ whatever winter holiday you may have celebrated in the last little while. I've had a very nice time indeed.

I always enjoy spending time with my family, especially my parents. My siblings do still have the ability to get under my skin, but there haven't yet been any huge problems. ;) Christmas was really lovely. We had dinner at my aunt's new house, which she had decorated beautifully. She was really quite excited about it, since she's been in an apartment for a number of years, and this was the first year she could have Christmas dinner at her place (it rotates among the members of my Mom's family, at a different house each year). I had a really nice time, and ate far too much. Exactly what Christmas is supposed to be all about.

I was given many lovely presents too -- my favorites include a really pretty dress watch and a wok. And lots of warm socks. Very important, those. ;) My youngest brother got the LOTR DVD, so I've been watching and playing with that a fair bit. Lots of interesting stuff on there.

But for all that I've been too busy to journal, there hasn't been an awful lot happening. Lots of family dinners, and playing card games in the evening, and returning gifts that didn't quite fit or weren't quite right (My brother also got a watch -- we're still trying to figure out which one he really wants, since he seems unable to figure it out himself!) -- a post-Christmas tradition of long standing! ;) I've also just been spending a lot of time visiting with my family, which is always nice.

I did get to spend an afternoon with an old friend from high school, which was really great. We'd sort of lost touch and she only just tracked me down this fall, so it was good to catch up with her and everything that's happened to both of us since high school. It's interesting to see someone after so long, and realize how she's changed, but is still very much the same person at heart. She's gained a lot of confidence, I think; she still speaks very quietly, though! I suppose I'm much the same. I'm certainly not the same person I was in high school -- and yet I can see much of my self now in the person I was then.

While I really did enjoy seeing her (and we're going to try to keep in better touch now), I don't think I'd want to go to a high school reunion. It would be awkward, a lot of people trying to recapture a long-disappeared closeness, while simultaneously trying to impress others by displaying their accomplishments. I'd much rather (and I may try, actually) track down a few of my better high school friends and visit with them one-on-one ... get to know the people they are now, I suppose. If that makes any sense.

It really astonishes me when I think about how long it's been since high school, and how much has happened since then. I don't feel that old. I don't feel old enough to have that much history.

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