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Okay, funny story.

Last night, when I went to bed, I accidentally locked Spenser in the bathroom. I didn't realize this, of course. He was sitting in the tub and I didn't see him.

So I get into bed, curl up and turn out the lights, and try to go to sleep. But before very long, I hear Isis pawing at the bathroom door. So I shush her. She persists. I clap my hands at her. There is quiet for a little bit, and then the pawing starts up again. With mewing. More clapping hands ensues, with occasional finger snapping.

This goes on for almost an hour, with interludes when the cat(s) give up or I drift off to sleep enough to annoy them, but eventually I get fed up. And I get up and go out to the hall to shoo the cat away.

Only the cat isn't there. There's meowing, but no cat.

This is the point at which the penny finally drops. Poor Spenser has been stuck in the bathroom for over an hour at this point, and Isis is thoroughly disgusted with me for trying to shush her while she was doing her "Timmy's down the well!" routine. Neither cat speaks to me for the rest of the night.

So tonight, I'm planning to triple-check every door in my house, in the hope that when I go to bed, I'll actually get to sleep.

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