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Many links

Time to clean out the link collection...

at some point over the next few years, everyone will need to buy a new television (or at least an HD tuner), whether they want to or not
The whole article is unflaggingly upbeat about how wonderful HD is and how we should all thank the visionaries who brought it into being. But I'm still wondering: this is a good thing how, exactly?

Why the Da Vinci Code is a Bad Book

E-mail shorthand as it might have existed during the Civil War

CBC loses the Olympics
Another nail in the coffin of our public broadcaster? Probably.

When is the Guess Who no longer the Guess Who?

the Billboard chart is now counting downloads
Legal ones only, of course....

INXS seeks singer; Mark Burnett helps out
Ah, those wacky reality shows. See how they keep coming up with fresh new ideas? What do you mean, no?

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