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Every Night is League Night

So fairplaythings got a flyer in the mail, with coupons for a nearby bowling alley. "What a good idea," we thought, "we haven't been bowling in a while. That would be a fun night out." So he and I and A set out last night for the bowling alley.

Now, last night was a cold night. It had been a clear day, the sort of day when it's too cold to snow, and the weather folks had been issuing "cold weather advisories". If you're not from around here, you might think that such a night would be enough to keep most sensible people inside. But Ottawa is the world's second coldest capital (colder than Moscow, in fact -- apparently, only the capital of Mongolia is colder), and if we stayed inside every time the temperature dipped below minus 30, we'd never go anywhere. So we bundled ourselves up in multiple layers of clothing, forsaking all pretence at fashion in favour of warm boots and toques, and headed out, three intrepid young people, in search of the bowling alley.

Inevitably, the bus zoomed past just as we were approaching the bus stop. But we were undeterred, and after much waiting around (hopping and dancing to maintain blood circulation, and hiding in the bus shelter from the bitter wind), we finally made it to the bowling alley. It was at this point that a worrying thought occurred to us.

We had not bothered to call ahead. We had assumed that on a cold night in the middle of the week, the bowling alley was unlikely to be a popular destination. And it was a large alley, anyway. But wouldn't it be funny if...

The alley was packed. A and I waited near the door while our bold companion inquired how long it would be before we could play. But it turned out to be League Night, and no casual bowlers would be welcome until about 9:30 -- much too late for us, the hardworking public servants who had to get up and go to work the next day. So our scout asked when League Nights were, so that we could plan for another expedition on a night when recreational bowling would be allowed.

He returned to us with a look of despair. "Every night is league night," had been the answer from behind the counter. Evidently, recreational bowlers were simply not welcome at all.

Defeated, we repaired to a local restaurant where we ate too much and had a pleasant evening after all, despite the lack of bowling fun. So it all ended well. But "every night is league night?" Huh? I didn't realize bowling was such a restricted activity. And why on earth would you send out coupons if you didn't want non-league bowlers to play?

Oh well. Guess we'll have to find another alley in the future.

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