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one-handed typing

no, not that way...!

I clumsily fell off my bike yesterday, on the way to the gym. I banged my arm up really badly. It hurts a whole bunch. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. It is, of course, my right hand.

After much nagging by my boss and fairplaythings, I went to the doctor's today. I didn't want to go because I hate waiting in doctor's offices, and I was pretty sure he was just going to give me painkillers and tell me to ice it.

He told me to ice it and take Advil. Effectively the same thing. I had to go for an x-ray just in case it's broken (a chip or hairline fracture), but he doesn't think it is. It's just some internal bone and tissue bruising, and I just have to wait for it to heal.

This is why I am typing one-handed. It is not as easy as using two hands, and it is much slower. This is a source of considerable frustration for me. Sigh.

Also, my arm really hurts. Ow.

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