Calendar Girl (kirilaw) wrote,
Calendar Girl

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

But I have been distinctly negligent of my journal lately. This negligence seems to be happening a lot these days. I must be busy, or something.

A longer update is coming, with pictures and everything -- probably tonight -- but I'll give you the Cole's Notes version anyway:

fairplaythings and I spent the weekend with my folks. We went to the Royal Winter Fair, and saw Sarah Slean perform in Peterborough. We had a lovely time.

Work has been busy busy busy.

I miss the sun. I think its absence is part of why I've been feeling so tired lately, and having such a hard time getting everything done -- it's hard to believe that there is still time in the day when it's pitch-dark.

The idea of Christmas/holiday shopping is becoming increasingly worrying. I should have done it in August. Now all the stores are going to be crowded, and it'll be stressful.

Back to the grindstone. More later. I promise. Really.

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