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Catchup (but not ketchup)

I'm home sick from work today -- I have a nasty cold (which may, or may not, be a mutated version of my last cold) that is making breathing difficult, and I decided I wouldn't be terribly productive with my sinuses dripping all over my desk, so I stayed home. It's kind of unfortunate, since I actually had work to do today, but it's just not fair for me to expose all my colleagues to this.

So I'm going to take the opportunity to do a long-overdue catchup post.

Let's see... today is the US election. But you knew that. I'm sure I'm not alone in that I'm watching anxiously while simultaneously wanting to stick my head under a pillow and go "la la la I can't hear you!" It's probably fair to say I've been inundated with election talk lately. Despite which, I am supposed to be going to an election-watching party tonight. It's kind of a masochistic thing, I guess.

Last week, I had an allergy test done. I'd been having a particularly nasty eczema outbreak, and although the superpowered cortisone cream the doctor prescribed for me was doing the trick, it seemed like a good idea to find out if there were any new or unexpected allergies doing the triggering. So I voluntarily signed up to get my arms pricked with lots of tiny little pins. It made sense at the time.

Apart from the pricking (I'm a bit needle-phobic, so I'm sure you can imagine how much fun this was for me), it was a pretty interesting experience. There's something oddly fascinating about watching the little hives develop.

The results were unsurprising: I'm somewhat allergic to cats and horses, violently allergic to house dust and ragweed, and pretty allergic to a couple of trees and weeds. The doctor then talked about allergy shots, but the idea of getting weekly needles was not one I was quite ready to face, especially since the allergies are mostly under control with the use of over-the-counter antihistimines.

Also last week, fairplaythings, C-dawg (formerly C2), G and I went to a "TV Preview" thingy -- basically market research/focus testing for some television show ideas. They were I can't even describe how bad they were, particularly the quasi-romantic drama about reincarnation called "Soulmates". Oh. so. bad. It was kind of fun sitting in the back row and poking fun at it, though. :)

Let's see... and then there was Hallowe'en. That was fun. Pictures to come in a later post, since this one's already getting pretty long, but I'll give you the summary. fairplaythings and I went to party on Friday night that was hosted by the local comic book shop, and was lots of fun. Then on Saturday, the boy had a party at his place, which was also most entertaining. On Sunday, we tried to give out candy, but no one showed up. Now, this could have been because the house still looks kind of overgrown and hard to see (he's only been there a few months), and the weather (dark and rainy) was probably a contributing factor, but I didn't see any kids out on the road when I looked out the window, either. Granted, it's a busy street, but I would have expected a few kids and their parents...

I think the decline in trick-or-treating is a symptom of a lot of things that are wrong with society these days. We don't know our neighbours, so we don't trust them not to poison our kids, and we don't (apparently) have time to take the kids out ourselves. It's pretty depressing, really. Sigh. And now fairplaythings has all kinds of candy in his house, candy that I was really hoping would not be accessible to me...

Anyway, that's the Cole's Notes version of the last week or so. Hallowe'en pictures are coming, I promise. Maybe even today, if you're lucky. ;)

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