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The Answers

And here they are, the answers to that lyrics challenge!

1. I've seen your hope on television -- Broken Social Scene, Cause=Time

2. You are the last drink I never should have drunk -- Pulp, Like a Friend

3. I'm standing in the middle of the desert/Waiting for my ship to come in -- Sheryl Crow, Leaving Las Vegas (identified by jellybeast)

4. In this world where no one speaks our language -- Beth Orton, The Same Day

5. I had to lose her/To do her harm -- PJ Harvey, Down by the Water (identified by moonriddengirl)

6. You see, this is why I'd rather be alone -- Ben Folds, Annie Waits

7. Suddenly I'm taller, you're smaller/I am reborn -- Bif Naked, Tango Shoes (id'd by jellybeast)

8. I'll do anything for you -- Dusted, Always Remember to Respect Your Mother Part I

9. But gravity always wins -- Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees (id'd by jellybeast)

10. There is a better world/Well, there must be -- the Smiths, Asleep

11. Do you get the gist of this song now? -- Poe, Hey Pretty

12. And was it she who wrote/"PORN IS WOMAN HATRED" on my overcoat/Chirst, I need that coat -- Hefner, I Stole A Bride

13. Take these broken wings and learn to fly -- the Beatles, Blackbird (id'd by jellybeast)

14. I will sell my soul for something pure and true/Someone like you -- Garbage, #1 Crush

15. And I reminded myself of the words you said when we were getting on -- Belle and Sebastian, I Fought in a War

16. You're shouting softly so no one can hear you -- Thea Gilmore, Avalanche

17. I'm seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights -- Travis, Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

18. Telling me words in turkish -- Cocteau Twins, Serpentskirt (confession: I had to look up the lyrics. I never have any idea what the Cocteau Twins are saying)

19. Every time the time was right all the words just came out wrong -- Jim Croce, I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song (id'd by moonriddengirl)

20. I'm freezing/I'm starving/I'm bleeding to death/Everything's fine -- Tracy Bonham, Mother Mother
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