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Planetary Semiotics

So it appears that Pluto is, in fact, a planet -- and so are a couple of
other astrological bodies.

I'm no astronomer, but I find the subject fascinating. What's
interesting to me about the whole debate is the idea that something as
apparently straightforward as the solar system is not, in fact, fixed --
it can change. Most of us non-scientific types don't know a great many
"scientific facts", but the planets of the solar system... that's one of
the things we think we know. And yet, it turns out that's just a matter
of interpretation -- it's not a fact at all. So how absolute can any
facts be?

I'm also pleased that Ceres is going to be a planet... and here's hoping
"Xena" gets a female official name as well. Persephone, maybe?

I'm sure the makers of those styrofoam build-a-solar-system kits are not
too happy today...
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